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As he was convinced of the importance of organic matter for plants and animals, Bruno De Winter started composting green waste on an industrial scale in 1977, thus becoming one of the very first pioneers in this field. Based on self-imposed quality standards for the finished products, minimum requirements for the incoming products were defined and optimal infrastructure, processing techniques and process control were set up. The main composting plant in Herent was designed and commissioned in 1992. It is a well-thought of plant concept with water collection and threatment, compost forced aeration techniques, heat recuperation and energy production. The plant soon became an international reference point in the composting business. The company was selected as a test bed for several new product developments, machine prototype tests and process monitoring projects by a.o. Vito and Vlaco.

Facts and Figures


  • processing yard waste by means of composting
  • consultancy, design, optimization and of similar international composting projects.

Personnel : 3 FTE

Processing Plants

  • Herent: 15.000m²  (2.000m²  roofed in)
  • Sint-Truiden: 15.000m²  (900m²  roofed in)

Processing machinery:

  • Shredding: slow- en fast rotating shredders and hammermills

         Turning:     windrow-  and traezoid turners

         Screening: drum- ,star-  and disk screens"